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ANCA is all about funding foundational education. We are an educational investment company focusing on the future of our youth.

ANCA was founded in 2016 and is born out of its founders’ passion for education, the clear need for quality facilities for preschoolers and the opportunity to present a new model for early education that focusses on the child. Its investments in the pre-school market have excelled and exceeded all expectations.

Nurturing and quality education are more important during the formative years of a child than at any other time in their little lives. Traditionally, the investment focus has been on primary and secondary schools which has presented an opportunity for ANCA to place the focus back on the child. 

Durbieland is ANCA’s flagship investment and has been a success since opening its doors in 2017. Within a year, Durbieland had to double its size to make room for more little ones, eager to learn. ANCA’s recipe is simple but effective: a promise of quality, child-centred and a unique loving environment. The ANCA family has grown over the years and so have their dreams.

Given the success with Durbieland, ANCA, in collaboration with its partner, Acorn Private Equity, has decided to roll out its unique early education model and has a pipeline of three additional schools, two of which will launch within the next year.