Our Schools

The ANCA Model

ANCA schools are:

Uncompromising on quality

We do not spare any expense where it matters most and we pride ourselves on offering children access to quality educators in an environment that is designed to make them feel at home.



We place the focus back on the child- allowing them to grow and develop in an environment that suits their needs. The curriculum is holistic and thoughtfully designed based on the age of the child and allows them to learn through play.



We celebrate the uniqueness of each child and as such no two ANCA schools are the same. Whilst all schools subscribe to our values and approach, each school is unique and incomparable to any other nursery school.


Relationship driven

We value relationships and focus on creating an environment that is loving and caring. Each ANCA school emphasizes the development of relationships between parents; educators and children and encourages regular interaction.

Our Beliefs

We believe in the holistic development of our children and that whilst it is important to achieve, it is more important to raise a happy and independent child in a loving and safe environment. 

We believe in staff that are well trained and have a passion for children. Accordingly we cherish our staff and believe that they form the absolute foundation of our schools.

We believe that learning takes place through play and we strive to create a home away from home where a parent can drop off their child with total peace of mind. 

We have an open-door policy and believe that an involved parent raises an involved child. We create opportunities for our parents to build relationships with one another, their child’s educators as well their children. 

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum focuses on 6 different learning areas:

We have pioneered learning techniques such as Einstein Hands which stimulates brain development in young children through the combination of verbal and non- verbal communication methods. We emphasise social and emotional development by allowing for enough free-play. This allows children to learn in a playful and informal manner.

Additional Value

We realise that our parents lead busy lives and hence we seek to make their job as easy as possible.

Our schools have on-site access to therapists which monitor and assist in the development of our children whilst simultaneously making the lives of our parents easier.

ANCA schools have a full-time chef with a menu that alternates weekly in order to ensure that your child receives the optimal nutrition to facilitate their development.


Durbieland is ANCA’s flagship investment. Situated in central Durbanville, the school has exceeded all our expectations and those of our parent’s.

Kleine Parc

Kleine Parc is located in the sought after Le Parc Residential Estate in Paarl and will open its doors to little ones in January 2022.


Kleuterland is Durbieland’s sister school and is located on the premises of the Durbanville-Bergsig gemeente. It will open its doors in July 2021.

Coming soon

We are actively growing the ANCA family. Please check back soon

ANCA Platinum Schools

ANCA Platinum schools offer full day care, an on-site chef preparing healthy and nutritious meals and stay open during public school holidays to accommodate parents working full-time. Both Durbieland and Kleine Parc are Platinum Schools.

ANCA Premium Schools

Our Premium Schools offer high quality learning whilst ensuring greater affordability for parents. A typical day at a Premium School is slightly shorter and holiday periods are available as an added extra. Premium schools remain true to our core educational model and do not compromise on the quality of our children’s experience.