About us

ANCA offers an alternative model to traditional early-childhood development and is grounded by the belief that the educator is responsible for creating an environment in which children can flourish, and not where profit is maximised at all costs. We believe that early childhood development lays the foundation for children to reach their potential and plays the greatest role in the development of future impact makers.

The A(NCA)-Team

We are a dedicated team ranging from passionate educators to investment specialists. Our purpose remains to invest in quality early education, where kids can learn through play in a safe environment, as we grow our investment family.

Queen on the Castle

She puts the colour in our rainbow, she puts the air in our balloons, she’s an inspirational leader that brings all the flair. She’s a breath of fresh air and an out-the box thinker. She heads up our schools and cares for us all.

Andrea Basson

Andrea Basson is the face behind ANCA and Durbieland’s success and boasts with more than 10 years’ experience in education. She has previously served as the principal of Durbieland and Curro Rosen Castle in Durbanville.

Boss Man

A working dad, chief negotiator and winning pancake maker. Big picture thinker and rainmaker that remains rooted in his foundation.

Carl Neethling

Carl Neethling is a co-founder of ANCA and Acorn Private Equity, where he serves as the Chief Investment Officer. 

Bridget Mans

Office Organiser

Bridget is the mom in our office – she makes sure our coffee never runs out and that our calendars (and our time management) run like clockwork.

Ed du Plessis

Finance Fundi

Ed is the all-rounder in the office: he plays golf, likes good food and wine and has fashion-sense. Oh, and pretty savvy with investment analysis (which helps a lot).

Francisca Heese

Legal Eagle

Francisca helps us mind our p’s and q’s and is ever-ready for an office social. She’s there for a good argument, strong coffee and looking for justice between the lines.

Gerhard Jacobs

Money Man

Gerhard is always keen for any adventure and has a heart of gold. His loyalty is admirable, just like his skills on a mountain bike. If you’re looking for the master of coin – Gerhard has the key.

Isonette Nell

Darling Diva

Isonette is one to bedazzle and enchant you with her inspiring energy. She makes everyone feel at home and part of the ANCA-family. Caring and kind, she puts the spice in our lives.

Johan van Zyl

Valuations Vanguard

Johan loves all things numbers – be it solving a maths problem or building financial models on excel. Our second-in-command, resident handyman, mechanic and a Mac-man.